Pathway Memorial Bricks Available at the Kenmore Mercy Hospital for Healing Garden

Sep 8, 2017Kenmore Mercy Hospital, News & PR

As the Kenmore Mercy Foundation continues its efforts to support enhancement of Kenmore Mercy Hospital’s campus, it invites individuals to join them in the creation of a memorial brick path in the John M. Repetski Healing Garden.

Dedicated in May 2017, the healing garden benefits patients, visitors, and associates and honors the late John M. Repetski whose generous bequest to Kenmore Mercy Hospital made the garden possible. The John M. Repetski Healing Garden is a sanctuary that features a variety of flowers, herbs, and trees, each chosen for their calming effects.

“The commemorative bricks and blocks in the John M. Repetski Healing Garden at Kenmore Mercy Hospital provide a unique, beautiful, lasting, and highly visible opportunity to honor or remember a loved one, or someone special for years to come,” said Susan Jandinski, executive director of the Kenmore Mercy Foundation.

To learn more about how to request an engraved brick, contact the Kenmore Mercy Foundation at (716) 447-6204. You may wish to inscribe a block or a brick with your family name, the name of a loved one, or a cherished organization.