October is National Physical Therapy Month. This is a great opportunity to recognize the wonderful work done by health professionals to restore and maintain function, and improve people’s lives without using potentially harmful and addictive opioids.

Physical Therapy at Catholic Health

At Catholic Health, our physical therapists treat patients with accident injuries, amputations, arthritis, back pain, balance disorders, fractures, neurological disorders, heart disease, joint replacement and other orthopedic issues, pelvic pain and incontinence, peripheral artery disease, pregnancy and postpartum discomfort, stroke, and so much more! Catholic Health’s services are vast.

Physical therapists are part of a collaborative care team in our hospitals, supporting inpatients in their recovery from serious illness, surgery, or injury; promoting healing and preventing complications; and preparing them for a safe and appropriate discharge.

Physical Rehab Designed to Meet Patient Needs 

Our medical rehabilitation unit (MRU), located at Kenmore Mercy is devoted to the rehabilitation of patients with various medical, neurological, musculoskeletal, and orthopedic conditions.

Our skilled nursing facilities specialize in short-term, sub-acute rehabilitation for patients recovering from knee and hip replacement surgery, fractures and other orthopedic conditions, as well as those physically deconditioned due to surgery, medical complications or other health conditions.

These teams also work with long term care residents to provide both restoration and maintenance therapy to help with balance, movement, and strength.

When the full array of skilled nursing care is not needed, physical therapy is also offered in the comfort of a patient’s home. HomeCare therapists work one-on-one and make services completely relevant to the individual’s needs and goals.

For those requiring outpatient rehabilitation, Catholic Health offers services with offices conveniently located throughout Western New York. Outpatient rehabilitation is often the next step after an inpatient hospitalization on the road to recovery. It also helps individuals move from a place of discomfort to increased mobility and a greater sense of independence.

At Sisters Metabolic Center for Wellness, physical therapists take a holistic approach to wellness and use the latest technology and most innovative treatments to help patients regain function, improve range of motion, reduce pain, prevent re-injury and adapt to physical limitations for a variety of conditions.

Take Advantage of Physical Therapy

Learn more about the range of physical therapy programs available in your area. Whether you’re recovering from a medical procedure or injury, looking to treat chronic pain, or interested in improving mobility, we have a team of physical therapists that can help.

Find a Physical Therapist Near You
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Find a Physical Therapist Near You
Call (716) 923-7153