You may not know it, but spending the majority of your day sitting is affecting the cardiovascular health of men in the United States.

Think about it: do you work a 9 to 5 job that requires you to sit behind a desk for the majority of your day? Does your commute to and from work involve sitting in traffic, maximizing time spent behind the wheel? Do you go home in the evening and park yourself in front of the TV?

2019 data shows that nearly 30% of people considered to be a healthy weight still showed an increased risk for heart disease. Researchers found that having a sedentary lifestyle – where you sit for the majority of the time – had enough of a negative impact that it offset a normal body mass index (BMI).

How Can I Be Active When I Work a Desk Job?

The study did conclude on a positive note, however. Researchers think that even the smallest amount of time spent engaging in physical activity per day can lessen your risk for heart disease. 

Neurologists believe that just 10 minutes of mild exercise can improve your memory function. Here are some suggestions on how to incorporate more movement into your day. 


Set an exercise goal.

Set a goal for how many times you’ll hit the gym or take a jog after work. Then, hold yourself accountable, and don’t let other plans intrude on your exercise time.


Get some housework done.

Getting some work done around the house will make you feel more productive and qualifies as moderate physical activity. Before you catch up on your favorite show, wash the dishes, pack the kids’ lunch, mow the lawn, or wash the car by hand. 


Grab a friend.

It’s easy to feel like physical exercise and social opportunities are competing for your free time during the work week. You can accomplish both by asking a friend to join you for a light workout, such as a brisk walk or bike ride. 


Walk it out.

It might not feel like much, but taking extra steps when you can during the day can get your blood pumping and help stretch muscles. Take an extra lap when you go to refill your coffee or use the stairs instead of the elevator, all in the name of good cardiovascular health. 

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