Taking the time to stop and check in with our bodies may very well be the most important aspect of self-care. An always-on-the-go lifestyle makes many women feel as though they should “just deal with” medical symptoms as they arise, rather than seeking out a doctor’s opinion. As women, regardless of age, we put our bodies through so much without even realizing it.

Rather than getting overwhelmed by all of the different improvements that could be made to your health, start small. Here are some of the simplest ways for women to prioritize their health and wellness in everyday life. 


Take care of your heart.

Despite attempts to increase public awareness, CDC data reports that only about half (56%) of women know that heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. 

Your primary care doctor should be regularly measuring your blood pressure and cholesterol levels to get a read on your overall heart health. If there is room for improvement, pay closer attention to those healthy lifestyle factors, including a balanced diet, regular exercise, and stress reduction.


Quit smoking.

Many of us know this by now – using tobacco products is one of the worst things you can do for your health. These chemicals create a plaque that builds up in the arteries that lead to your brain, heart, and kidneys, just to name a few.

Even for a long-time smoker, taking steps toward quitting today can lower risk factors and add years back on to your life. 


Have a conversation about reproductive health.

When it comes to female cancers and disease, there shouldn’t be any reserved judgement. Ensure that you can have an open and trusting communication with both your gynecologist and primary care provider, because no question is too much! 

You should feel confident enough to start a conversation about any topic, especially concerns you may have or screenings you may be interested in. 


Adopt a group fitness routine.

The benefits to engaging in group exercise are endless – you’re held accountable by other participants, you get to enjoy physical exercise and socialization simultaneously, you may even start to see your workouts in a more positive light. Whether it’s a yoga class or a group that you can roller blade with, grab a friend, get out, and get fit! 


Take your vitamins.

The recommended vitamins and minerals for each person tends to vary based on age and health concerns. However, all women require calcium to build and maintain strong bones. While calcium supplements are available, you can make a point to incorporate calcium-rich foods into your diet, such as seeds, dairy products, and canned fish like salmon and sardines. 

Iron is a mineral that is also quite important for women. Our monthly cycles mean losing iron with the loss of blood, which explains why iron is the most common nutrient deficiency in women. Focus on eating foods like meat, leafy green vegetables, beans, and lentils to incorporate more iron into your diet. 

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