It still astounds me that I was among the first patients admitted to the Sisters Hospital St. Joseph Campus for COVID-19.

You see, I am young, healthy, and into sports including tennis and coaching basketball. So when I was sick for about a week in March, I became concerned. I contacted Dr. Norman Sfeir as well as Dr. Mark Podlas, family friends who are on staff at Sisters Hospital. Understanding how quickly COVID-19 was spreading at the time, they each urged me to go to the Emergency Room at Sisters’ Main Street Campus.

At the hospital they discovered my blood oxygen levels were low, I tested positive for COVID-19. I was immediately admitted into the Sisters Hospital ICU where I spent four days. With my family living out of state, they were unable to visit because of the pandemic. It was a very lonely experience. But the doctors, nurses, and staff were comforting and reassuring.

When the medical staff began seeing some improvement, I was transferred to Sisters Hospital St. Joseph Campus. While there I continued to improve. Everyone at St. Joseph Campus provided incredible care and they helped me keep a positive attitude. After another four days I was released from St. Joseph Campus. Within a couple of weeks I was back to work and feeling well.

Through it all I came to understand how important both Sisters Hospital Main Street Campus and St. Joseph Campus are to our community. As the first COVID-hospital in New York State, St. Joseph Campus was a testament of great leadership and high-level care.

I am back to work – back to living – because of these two Sisters of Charity Hospital campuses. That is why I am sharing my story with you, and am asking you to please support Sisters Hospital Foundation with a donation today. In this season of giving your donation will help both the Sisters Hospital Main Street Campus and the St. Joseph Campus to respond to whatever might come next. Your gift will save lives and provide compassionate care for our entire community.

When excellent care meets innovative leadership, anything is possible. With your help, Sisters Hospital will be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

Gabe Michael