In honor of Dr. Nylander, Dr. Williams, Dr. Gelman-Koessler and the entire staff at Sisters Hospital, I want to share my story about these caregivers who went above and beyond for me.

If it’s true that good things come in threes, our family is living proof. My husband Beau and I are the proud parents of three beautiful children – Chloe, 4; Jack Fox, aka “Foxy”, 1-1/2; and Zander Wolf, 8 months old. We are also the grateful recipients of some of the best care we have ever experienced, at Sisters Hospital where the children were born. More proof that good things come in threes – as in the three incredible doctors who delivered our babies.

Dr. Emmekunla Nylander delivered Chloe; Dr. Emily Williams delivered Foxy; and most recently, Dr. Lisa Gelman-Koessler delivered Zander. While each birth was different, I can’t say enough about these three amazing doctors.

I was in labor for nearly 28 hours with Chloe, but Dr. Nylander’s reassuring and kind demeanor saw me through. I didn’t know it at the time, but Foxy’s cord was wrapped around his neck during the delivery, and Dr. Williams calmly and expertly delivered our baby boy with no problems. With Zander, Dr. Gelman-Koessler was so confident in a smooth delivery despite the COVID-19 pandemic, she invited Beau to be by her side to witness the miracle of birth. Delivering during a pandemic is no one’s plan but the care we received at Sisters Hospital, made us feel confident that we were in the safest place for our baby.

While those three doctors left the greatest impression on Beau and I, there were countless nurses and staff members at Sisters Hospital who radiated the same friendly and loving energy. They were the perfect complement to the comfortable surroundings of Sisters Hospital’s newly updated labor and delivery rooms, offering more privacy than ever. When I look at the beautiful, smiling faces of my kids, I can’t help but think of my doctors and the team at Sisters Hospital who helped bring these precious gifts into the world.

Join me in celebrating your caregivers, as we recognize these three women, by supporting Sisters Hospital Foundation with a donation.  Visit their website to make your secure donation online at Any and every contribution is appreciated. If you have had your own great experience with a caregiver at Sisters Main Street Campus or St. Joseph’s Campus, you too can honor the great work that they do. Simply fill out the Angel of Care form to share your story about a caregiver.

With thanks from my family to yours,

Lindsay Riggs