My case was a first for my doctor, but it wasn’t exactly something I wanted to celebrate.

At the height of the COVID pandemic in 2020, I was expecting our third child when I tested positive for the virus. As if giving birth wasn’t stressful enough, having COVID while pregnant was frightening. I was the first expectant mother with the virus that my OB/GYN had seen and there was still so much that was unknown about COVID at the time.

I literally collapsed in a chair when I was told the test results. And I began to feel more and more ill. I quarantined at home, resting and isolating from my husband and our 4-year-old twins, before going to Sisters Hospital at 41 weeks.

Drs. Lisa Gelman-Koessler and Rosann Lana were so kind and reassuring from the start. As visitor restrictions were starting to be put in place, they made sure my husband could be there for the delivery after testing negative for COVID. He was by my side all three days of my stay, and the staff treated him with the same kindness. Our daughter was born healthy and COVID-free at Sisters Hospital in July.

As COVID cases continued to grow in our area, the nurses and doctors at Sisters Hospital became my true heroes. Remember, the virus was new, yet they were always so professional, positive and calming. My husband and I felt safe and secure in their care. It was an amazing experience as everyone responded and adapted to a very challenging time. And today, our daughter is a happy, healthy baby girl and her smiles reinforce my gratitude.

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With thanks from all of us,

Kate Glaser and family