Meet Ron and Paula Miller! Two of our incredible VanGo volunteers.

A few years ago, Paula retired from Mount St. Mary’s Hospital and decided that she still wanted to spend time helping patients and their families. Ron was completely on board with the idea, and they both became part of our volunteer team.

Several times a week, Ron and Paula assist patients get from their home to their doctors’ offices, as part of the VanGo program. They find volunteering to be a great shared experience, and enjoy giving back to the community by helping to others access the medical care they need.

About VanGo

VanGo is a community transport program that’s unique to Mount St. Mary’s Hospital. This service provides patients with transportation to and from appointments.

The program is funded through the generosity of the Maid of the Mist Corporation and has been operated by dedicated volunteers, like Ron and Paula, who serve as drivers and assistants. 

For a $1 each way, patients can get a VanGo ride to medical offices for diagnostic tests, procedures, cardiac rehab, physical therapy, and/or consultations with their physicians. Companions are also welcome to join them for an additional $1 each way.

VanGo makes stops at:

  • Mount St. Mary’s Hospital Campus 
    (5300 Military Road, Town of Lewiston)
  • Neighborhood Health Center 
    (3101 Ninth Street, City of Niagara Falls)
  • Witmer Park Physical Therapy Center 
    (One Colomba Drive, Town of Niagara)
  • ENT Office 
    (6941 Elaine Drive, Town of Wheatfield)
  • Imaging & Lab Center 
    (7300 Porter Road, Town of Niagara)
  • Neurology & Stroke Center 
    (4600 Military Road, Suite B, Town of Niagara)
  • and other locations where physicians are members of Catholic Medical Partners

Learn more about the VanGo program online.

Want to become a volunteer?
Visit us online at
or Call (716) 319-8405

Want to learn how to become a volunteer?
Visit us online at
or call (716) 319-8405