Dr. Scott Sobieraj is a Buffalo native who completed his medical education and residency locally. He then accepted a Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship at Danbury Hospital, which required him to relocate to Connecticut. When it came time to begin his own practice, Dr. Sobieraj decided to come home. 

“I enjoy what I do, so coming back and treating people from home was important to me,” he says. “Buffalo’s home and there’s plenty of heart disease [here], so there was good reason to come back.”

Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease

As with many health conditions, some risk factors we can control, some we cannot. 

It may sound redundant, but with heart disease, a healthy diet and active lifestyle are two of the most significant improvements a person can make to lower their risk. These lifestyle changes will be effective for a person with other elevated risk factors just as they are for a person of average risk. 

Check out Dr. Sobieraj’s recommendations for Western New Yorkers who want to improve their heart health below: 

Scott Sobieraj, MD

Scott Sobieraj, MD

Cardiologist, Trinity Medical Cardiology

How often should I be exercising to improve my heart health?

I’ll tell people to exercise a half-hour each day. And it should be aerobic exercise, like biking, running, jogging, using the elliptical. Even a fast walk! Something that gets your heart rate up and then maintains that heart rate. 

Our hearts like these activities. Even if heart disease is present, aerobic exercise helps the heart remodel into a stronger version of itself. 

Does the Western New York diet and lifestyle impact our heart health?

The long and the short of it that people probably don’t want to hear is this: We have a horrible diet in Western New York. We’re known for chicken wings, beef on weck. We have a bunch of pizza places.

Maybe that is changing a bit since there is more of a “health kick” nowadays. But I think by in large, especially during the wintertime, we all lean on those comfort foods to keep us warm. 

Poor diets lead to poor coronary health. And that’s heart disease. 

What does a cardiologist consider a heart-healthy diet?

Eat healthy – eat your fruits and vegetables, eat your grilled fish. Eat less of the red meats, cheeses, and carbohydrates. 

I tell people if you’re good about that, then you can treat yourself to something you like. Say once every two weeks, or so. 

Dr. Sobieraj is a board-certified physician in cardiology and nuclear cardiology. He sees cardiac patients at Trinity Medical offices in Orchard Park, Lockport, and Williamsville

If you are at risk for heart disease or experiencing any cardiovascular symptoms, like frequent chest pains or shortness of breath, consider scheduling a consultation with a cardiac specialist.

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