For patients who have recently undergone a cardiac procedure, the thought of resuming an active lifestyle can be a little scary. Nothing makes the human body feel more fragile than enduring a heart attack, heart surgery, or some form of heart disease. That’s where cardiac rehab comes in.

“Without regular participation in physical activity, the body begins to slowly lose strength, which puts patients at a higher risk for another cardiac event. Participating in physical activity during the recovery process for heart attack, heart surgery, or other forms of heart disease is important to help improve a patient’s quality of life and reduce the risk of future cardiac events.

Through an individualized exercise program, risk factor reduction, and education on a heart healthy lifestyle, we at the Metabolic Center for Wellness help our patients live longer and better lives.” 

Katherine Farinacci

Cardiac Rehab Specialist, Sisters Metabolic Center for Wellness

These rehabilitation programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of our cardiac patients. Under the close supervision of our highly-skilled rehab specialists, we can help make sure that your body – and your heart – make the quickest and fullest recovery possible. 

The Road to Recovery

Different stages of rehabilitation focus on different aspects of a patient’s recovery. 

Phase 1 Cardiac Rehab

The first phase of cardiac rehab takes place before hospital discharge or in an inpatient setting. Typically, a physician takes the time to teach patients about the lifestyle changes that need to be made following a recent cardiac event. This is done to help the patient set personal goals, and also to identify areas of their normal lifestyle that may need improvement. 

A doctor or nurse will conduct a physical exam that will be used as a baseline moving forward, so caregivers can look at it to understand which specific changes and exercises are right for you. You will also discuss any prescribed medications, including direction on when to take them.

Phase 2 Cardiac Rehab

Phase 2 of cardiac rehab takes place in an outpatient setting, and employs the time and talents of dedicated rehab specialists. Most of these programs have an exercise component, as specialists will be looking to monitor your heart’s response to activities that challenge stamina and endurance. To do so, patients will wear a telemetry device that measures the electrical activity of their hearts.

Over the rehabilitation period, most patients will increase their exercise time, machine usage, and intensity. On average, patients complete somewhere between 18-36 sessions for their rehabilitation. 

Find Cardiac Rehab Services Near You
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Find Cardiac Rehab Services Near You
Call (716) 706-2112