Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Page

Catholic Health’s COVID-19 Response

The Coronavirus pandemic is a completely unprecedented public health crisis that has created a number of unique challenges for healthcare systems globally, including ours. Catholic Health’s ongoing response to COVID-19 reflects the organization’s top priorities during this time, as well as the need to care for our patients, associates, and community. Please use the links below to access up-to-date information from Catholic Health regarding COVID-19.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


New York State Department of Health

Hotline – (888) 364-3065

Erie County Department of Health

Hotline – (716) 858-2929

Niagara County Department of Health


Catholic Health Updates

Latest News

Up-to-date information on how Catholic Health’s COVID-19 response may affect our policies and facilities. 

St. Joseph Campus Restarts Select Services and Surgeries

Emergency Department open for ambulances and walk-in patients   For the past four and a half months, Sisters Hospital, St. Joseph Campus, has operated as a COVID-only treatment facility. In late March, with COVID-19 surging across the region, and Governor Cuomo...

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St. Joseph Campus Discharges 500th COVID Patient

Over the past five months, Catholic Health has marked many important milestones in our response to the COVID pandemic, from the development of the first COVID-19 Treatment Facility in New York State at St. Joseph Campus in Cheektowaga, to the opening of the region’s...

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Updated Catholic Health Visitor Guidelines

We thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we strive to keep our patients, visitors, and staff safe. The following visitor guidelines are in place at Kenmore Mercy Hospital, Mercy Hospital of Buffalo, Mount St. Mary’s Hospital, and Sisters...

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Blood testing at Mercy Comprehensive Care Center is temporarily closed. All services have been relocated to Seton Professional Building Laboratory Services at 2121 Main St, Buffalo. For more information and all questions please call (716) 862-1633.


Sisters of Charity Hospital – Chemo Therapy Infusion Treatments. All chemo therapy infusion treatments at Sisters of Charity hospital are temporarily moved to Sisters Health Center Depew Infusion Center at 6199 Transit Road, Depew. For more information and all questions please call (716) 891-1631.

Catholic Health Visitation Guidelines & Restrictions

Inpatient Visitation

These guidelines are in place at Kenmore Mercy Hospital, Mercy Hospital of Buffalo, Mount St. Mary’s Hospital, and Sisters of Charity Hospital, Main St. Campus only.

  • Visiting hours are for inpatients only (excluding maternity patients) from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m daily.
  • Patients are limited to one visitor at a time.
  • Visitors are not permitted to bring food or drink into the hospital.
  • Visitors must be 18 years of age or older. Visitors age 60 or older are discouraged from visiting due to increased risk of COVID-19.
  • Visitors must undergo symptom and temperature checks when entering the hospital. Those who report COVID-19 exposure or symptoms in the past 14 days are not permitted to visit. Individuals with temperatures of 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit or greater will also not be permitted to visit.
  • Visitors will be provided with a mask and screening sticker that must be worn at all times.
  • Visitors must clean their hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before entering a patient’s room and when leaving.
  • Visitors must practice social distancing (at least 6 feet apart) in all locations, including patient rooms.
  • Visitors must remain in the patient’s room during their visit and are not allowed in other public areas of the hospital, including the cafeteria, Tim Hortons, and waiting rooms. Arrangements for escorted chapel visitation may be made within the nursing unit.
  • Visitors may only use the public restrooms on the first floor of the hospital.
  • Clinical staff may request that a visitor leave the room if care cannot be safely provided while they are present.
  • Visitors must provide their name, contact information and the name of the patient they are visiting upon arrival.

Please let a member of our care team know if you have any additional questions.

These guidelines are in place for everyone’s safety. We reserve the right to alter them or make exceptions at the discretion of our care team.

Visitors who do not comply, will be asked to leave.

Mother/Baby Patients
  1. On labor and delivery units, a mother may have one visitor (not subject to change) during a maternity stay. No other visitors will be allowed; this includes children under the age of 18.
  2. In our NICUs, the baby’s mother and one support person (not subject to change) will be allowed to visit. No other visitors will be allowed; this includes children under 18.
  3. Current mother/baby exceptions are also subject to change and additional restriction, should it become necessary to further protect the safety of our new mothers and children.
  4. All inpatient visitor screening criteria apply.
Inpatient Non-Elective/Emergent Surgery Patients
  1.  One visitor for post-surgery discussion and accompany to inpatient room, then immediately leave. Visitor may return (with permission scheduled in advance) for assistance at the time of discharge.
  2. All inpatient visitor screening criteria apply.
Emergency Room Patients
  1.  One visitor is permitted to stay with the patient. Whether or not to permit a visitor to remain with a patient is based on the clinical team’s judgment.
  2. During clinical assessment, if the patient becomes a person under investigation (PUI) or COVID-19 testing is being considered, the visitor’s name and contact number will be taken. The visitor will then be instructed to leave the facility and wait in their vehicle with all future communications with that visitor becoming telephonic.
  3. Patient is discharged: Visitor may stay with the patient, staff may encourage waiting in the vehicle if appropriate.
  4. Patient is admitted: Visitor may accompany patient to inpatient room, then immediately leave.
  5. All inpatient visitor screening criteria apply.
Patients with Special Needs
  1.  Any patient that requires special needs, which can include those with a disability, developmentally disabled individuals with a variety of personal, educational and vocational tasks, etc., may be accompanied by one visitor – to be determined by the clinical care team and pursuant to the general conditions listed within this policy.
  2. All inpatient screening criteria apply.
Patient to Patient Visitation
  1.  In the event that an end-of-life COVID-19 patient has a family member already admitted as a patient to the same facility who has also been diagnosed with COVID-19 or is considered a person under investigation (PUI), visitation may be permitted, subject to the approval by the end-of-life patient’s clinical care team, Infection Control, the facility’s VP of Patient Care Services and VPMA or their designee.


An updated list of Catholic Health-sponsored events and classes that have been cancelled during this time. 

Events and Classes

Due to concerns surrounding the Coronavirus, Catholic Health will be cancelling all outpatient education programs, health screenings, support groups, seminars, and community events. Alternate arrangements are being made to provide patients with the educational services they need. Individuals registered for classes and programs will be contacted with more information, including at-home and on-line learning opportunities. For more information, call Catholic Health’s HealthConnection at (716) 447-6205.

Prenatal Education Classes

Due to New York State directives to limit public gatherings to contain the spread of the Coronavirus, Catholic Health will be providing at-home learning and online childbirth education classes for the foreseeable future. Expectant parents will receive a textbook with all the materials covered during the in-person classes. The textbook includes online resources and videos to prepare expectant parents for labor and delivery. The online classes will be followed by scheduled call-in opportunities to speak live with a childbirth educator. During this unprecedented situation, Catholic Health will continue to ensure the needs of expectant parents are meet throughout their childbirth experience. For more information, call Catholic Health’s HealthConnection at (716) 447-6205.