If you have an elderly parent, grandparent, or family member who needs assistance but isn’t ready to leave their home, finding a compromise can feel impossible. Having an elderly loved one with balance or mobility issues can put additional stress on families and caregivers. The Living Independently for Elders (LIFE) program at Catholic Health offers solutions and peace of mind by providing social and medical services to seniors so they can remain safely in their homes.

Falls Put a Senior’s Independence at Risk

Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injury in Americans over the age of 65. Even simple falls can have serious consequences for elderly individuals. Falls send 3 million seniors to the ER and average a total of $50 billion in annual medical costs, according to older adult fall prevention data from the CDC.

Falls put an older adult’s independence at risk, but the fear of falling can also have an impact on their quality of life. Seniors will avoid activities or leaving their homes, which can limit their physical activity, social engagement, and mental stimulation.

Supporting Seniors through the LIFE Program

As a PACE and Medicare/Medicaid eligible program, LIFE gives participants access to a wide range of comprehensive services to improve and maintain their health. Programs like LIFE have proven to reduce the risk of hospitalization and enhance participants’ quality of life.

Therapy is one of the many services offered to participants of the LIFE program. With therapy, participants can overcome everyday challenges like dressing and feeding themselves, retain motor skills, recover faster from illnesses, and promote better overall health.

“The LIFE program offers occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy for all participants. Therapy can be provided at the LIFE therapy clinic or at home, depending on the needs and goals of the participant. The main goal of LIFE is to keep participants living and functioning independently in their homes as safely as possible while providing support as needed.

In therapy, we promote that goal by improving function in activities of daily living (dressing, bathing, etc.), ambulation, transfers, overall strength and endurance, balance, and safety/fall prevention education. We also complete safety assessments and recommendations in the home and provide equipment to make living at home safer and more functional for participants.

With LIFE therapy services, caregivers are at more ease knowing that they have a resource they can rely on if their loved one is having more difficulty functioning at home. LIFE therapy can reassess to determine the best interventions to continue promoting independence at home and in the community.”

Abby Riessen

Occupational Therapist, LIFE Villa

LIFE (PACE) is the Place to Be

Catholic Health’s LIFE program provides families with an alternative to nursing home care. Our compassionate and caring staff works with you to create personalized care plans that meet your health and wellness goals so you can continue to live safely in the comfort of your home. To learn more about the services offered at LIFE or how to qualify for the program, visit our LIFE program website or call (716) 819-5433.