Strong Family Foundations Parenting Classes
at the University at Buffalo

Congratulations on your first baby!

These classes are intended to provide first-time parents the chance to connect with other expecting parents, work together as a parenting team, and support your child’s growth and development. We discuss healthy habits for you and your baby and challenges faced by new parents. Periodically, we will ask you to complete some surveys and provide feedback so that we can continue to make our program better. You will be paid for your time. Funded by the National Institutes of Health and lead by experienced facilitators, this is a great time ask questions and receive guidance as well as connect with other new parents!

Currently classes are being offered via Zoom and last around 1 hour per week, with a few classes before and after your baby is born!

Classes are starting regularly. To get registered, please contact us at: (716) 887-2542 or