Everyone loves the convenience of being able to slip on a pair of shoes as you’re heading out the door in the summertime. Unfortunately, the strappy sandals and slide-ons that we’re so eager to break out for the warmer weather fail to provide us with any benefit beyond a way to beat the heat.

Get off on the right foot this summer by evaluating your footwear for more than just its style.

Happy Feet: The Sole Test

Here are some of the best ways to test out if a new pair of shoes is really giving your joints the support that they need. No medical degree required – just try out the following:

1Test arch support by pushing both ends of the shoe (heel and toe) up – there should be some give. Your shoes should never fold in half, an unfortunately common trait of light summer footwear like flip flops and canvas sneakers.

2If you have a heel, press inward from each of its sides. It should stay firm, rather than collapsing or bending, in order to maximize support.

3The material at the top of the shoe should allow you to flex your toes – shoes that limit this motion lead to orthopedic problems.

The orthopedic experts at Catholic Health know better than anyone that your feet work from the ground up (literally) to provide support for the rest of your body, including your joints, back, and neck. 

Put Your Best Foot Forward

The orthopedic and spine care specialists at Catholic Health consistently achieve national recognition for the high standard of care they provide to our patients, like Kenmore Mercy’s Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission for joint replacement services.

Part of our commitment to providing excellent care is educating orthopedic patients to make good lifestyle choices – we know better than anyone that what you wear on your feet matters.

From corns and hammertoes to plantar fasciitis, there are many types of foot problems that can be triggered or worsened by use of inadequate footwear. If you just can’t kick your sandal obsession, look for a pair with straps that go back farther to hold your foot in place. Also, sandals with contouring where your arch and heel sit provide more support than a flimsier design.

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Find a Podiatrist Near You
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