Both children and adults love the chills and thrills that Halloween brings, but it’s important to take proper precautions to ensure a safe, spook-tacular time. Between hoards of trick or treaters and ghoulish costumes, it can be easy for adults to get distracted and for little ones to wander off. 

Keep these 10 helpful tips in mind before setting out to enjoy all the tricks and treats that Halloween has to offer. 


Start on a full charge.

Equip your trick or treaters and each accompanying adult with a flashlight that has fresh batteries for use when the sun starts to set. If you’re relying on cell phones for communication between separate parties, make sure they’ve been fully charged before leaving the house.


Enhance visbility.

Will a driver in a passing car be able to notice your kids on the street as it starts to get dark? A great tip is to add reflective tape to your child’s costume or candy collecting bag so they’re able to be seen. Another idea is to offer up glow sticks that can be worn as bracelets, necklaces, and headpieces to the kids. Supervising adults should heed the same advice with reflective gear and bright colors.


Stay out of the street.

If your neighborhood has sidewalks, stress the importance of not venturing into the street for your trick or treaters. If sidewalks aren’t an option, make sure the kids know to stay close to the side of the road and walk toward oncoming traffic.


Set some ground rules.

If your older children are heading out with their friends, make sure they know the expectations before leaving the house. Have a conversation about their trick or treat route and give them a curfew to abide by.


Better out than in.

Make sure any and all trick or treaters that you’re responsible for understand that they are not permitted to enter into an unfamiliar house or vehicle, even if they’ve been welcomed inside.


Make costume modifications.

Make sure your child’s costume doesn’t pose a threat to their safety and well-being. See that hemlines and long layers are adjusted before the big day. Choose a costume that allows for comfortable footwear, so it’s easy to get from house to house.


There’s strength in numbers.

The more, the merrier. Ask friends, family members, and neighbors to join your trick or treat troop. More adults mean more eyes to supervise and keep track of young children.


Play it safe in traffic.

Teach your child about traffic safety when encountering nearby drivers. Make eye contact with the person behind the wheel before attempting to cross at an intersection. Keep an eye out for neighbors who may be backing out or pulling into their driveways during trick-or-treat hours.


Avoid bulky accessories.

Bulky accessories, like headpieces or full face masks, that come with some costumes can obstruct eyesight and potentially be dangerous for your trick or treater. Keep this in mind when shopping for costumes, or use makeup and face paint to recreate the look.


Inspect the candy collection.

Just to be safe, go through your child’s candy haul to remove broken seals or anything that looks suspicious. If your child has a nut allergy, do some research before Halloween to familiarize yourself with acceptable treats.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!